hi, my name is stefny...

... and i'm on geno's list of things to do today.

It is I, Omlet, The Cheese Danish!
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Hello all. I just created this journal in place of my old one... =]

yeah yeah, i know, it's in spanish... but i <3 it anyway.

EDIT 30 March, 2009: BAHAHAHAHA I just realised that Vin looks like Phantom Limb from the Venture Bros. in that picture... like, he has no arms!

Enlist in Starfleet!
anton hot damn
Friends, I am currently enlisting in Starfleet. As you all know, this is a dream of mine and I could not be more excited. In order to earn points towards my career track, I am promoting the organization. I encourage you all to join as well - together we are unstoppable!


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dave and martin balance
okay guys... so you all know how much i love the depeche mode, right?
i can die happy now.
it was so amazing, you don't even understand.
here's how it went down:

we got to superpages between 6 and 6:30.
peter bjorn and john (or pb&j as we like to call them) started at 7:45.
they played for about 30-45 minutes and then people started setting the stage for depeche mode.
at like 8:50 or so, the lights came on for depeche mode.
at 9:10 depeche mode finally came out!
they opened with "in chains", "wrong", and "hole to feed" and then went into "walking in my shoes."
SIDENOTE: their screens are AMAZING. unlike anything i've ever seen.
the screen for "in chains" had a young boy and an old man and over the course of the song, they switched places. and in the globe there was a woman powerwalking in place and she shed her business suit down to workout clothes and then went the opposite way.
"wrong" didn't really have anything special, just the band on screen in a contrasting fashion.
"hole to feed" had the band on screen like 300 times.
"walking in my shoes" had a crow in the desert flying and walking around and a lizard eye in the globe looking around and blinking. at the end of the song, the crow flew away.
they then played "it's no good" followed by "a question of time."
"it's no good" was just the band on screen again, and i think "a question of time" was too.
i recorded part of "precious" but i just couldn't hold the camera up anymore.
"precious" was something being typed on a typewriter and the globe was the ball with the letters on it.
then they played "fly on the windscreen" followed by martin singing "jezebel" alone on the stage.
"fly on the windscreen" had each band member in a circle and some other random circles.
"jezebel" had two angles of martin on screen and the globe was like a half-moon kind of thing...
then... you guys... you don't even know... martin started playing "judas" and i started CRYING because i didn't know they were gonna play it.
i tried to record it but you can hear me loudly sobbing in the 32 seconds i actually got of it.
i honestly can't remember what the screen was for "judas"... i remember it was red.
then dave came back and they played "miles away/the truth is" and then "POLICY OF TRUTH" FUCK YEAH.
for "miles away", the globe was... a globe and the screen was like space... with stars and stuff.
"policy of truth" was one of the best... the globe was filled with balls and they'd drop and bounce all over the screen.
"in your room" and "i feel you" from the most sexual album everrrrr were next.
i can't remember the screens for those either.
then they closed with a 6 minute rendition of "enjoy the silence" followed by the omnipresent "never let me down again" and i was sooooo excited i finally got to do the arm-wave thing!!!
"enjoy the silence" had the band in spacesuits (obviously awesome) and they would switch places and one person's head would be in the globe.
then they left...
then they came back...
martin sang "somebody" and it was beautiful.
i think the screen was just martin being a bamf.
then dave came out and THEY SANG "STRIPPED" OMG and i actually didn't cry like i thought i was going to because i was videoing it and it's impossible to hold the camera steady and cry at the same time.
"stripped" was just the band on the screen again.
then they played "behind the wheel" and left again.
i don't remember this either but i think it was just the band. i remember everything special, so this must've just been normal.
and they came back again and had an AMAZING performance of "personal jesus" and it was great.
"personal jesus" was AWESOME and alternated between the band members jamming (martin headbanging, david raising his arms and dancing, fletch being fletch) and some chick in a shiny black sequin skirt dancing (i would die to be that chick).
and they finally closed the show with "waiting for the night" and it was stripped down and beautiful and the globe on the screen was a disco ball spinning around and it was sooo pretty and i did NOT want it to be over...

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butterfly in the sky, i can fly twice as high...
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omg last night ended up being AMAZING.

it started out bad when we couldn't get in to see the proclaimers. we went to go eat and then went back downtown and parked at whole foods. we went to the austin convention center and waited to get in to see third eye blind. we didn't have wristbands or badges and all the tickets were gone so we had to wait until everyone else got in but they said they were at capacity and the fire marshal was gonna have a cow. so we got our shiny toy guns tickets and sat in that line as third eye blind started to play and then they started letting people in to the show so we ran over real fast and got in. =D they played a whole 4 songs or so but it was still amazing. then we went back in the shiny toy guns line and waited. while we were standing in line for that, stephan jenkins walked right in front of us between us and the people right in front of us. we wanted to stop him and stuff but we didn't want to get out of line because it was about 500 miles long. the people in front of us had like 10 people in their group though so some of them ran after him. OH before third eye blind, we were walking around in there and perez hilton walked by us typing furiously on his cell phone. anyway, we got in to shiny toy guns and it was AMAZING but we couldn't take pictures. it's okay though because they're showing it on directv. anyway, after shiny toy guns we went to esther's follies to see jon lajoie but we couldn't get in because we didn't have wristbands or badges so we took a pedicab to whole foods and got my car because i was afraid they were gonna close the garage. then we met tommy at kerbey lane (which is NOT CLOSE) and ate and then tommy went home and we went back downtown. we parked in a garage and paid $10 and got all the way to the top and there was no spot to be found. we went back down and we saw people that were about to leave so we followed them up to the car but before we got there we found an open space. while we were walking down sixth street we saw doug benson and did this whole thing where we turned in a huge circle pointing at him. we then went back down to the radio room and stood in line for cursive. we got in (for another $10) and during that show i started getting sick so we sat down and i saw someone with a manchester orchestra all access badge but i couldn't tell who it was. after we left that show, we were walking back down sixth street and i looked over and stopped dead in my tracks staring. it was jon lajoie and we went and talked to him and hung out for a while. he was drunk as shit and it was amazing and this other girl was really drunk and she was saying they were married. he wanted us to take a picture so i looked for my camera but i had left it in the car so the drunk girl's friend took the picture and while she was getting my email address, we looked up and jon and that chick were making out and we were like ummmm and the friend was like yeah they've been doing that a lot, it's really annoying. bahahaha. and dude i've never had so many hugs and high fives in my life. and he asked us at least 12 times if we saw his show. the first time we said no he was like why and we said we couldn't get in without the wristband and he was like do you want me to beat someone up and i said yeah and he was like who and i said idk that chick at the door i guess. omg and he was enamoured with my butterfly earrings and grabbed one of them and started singing the reading rainbow song. lmao. anyway, he was awesome. he said we didn't miss much, it was only like 10 minutes long and it was pretty much just high as fuck, show me your genitals, and off. he said he's gonna come back in the fall and do a full show but as out of his mind as he was, he probably had no idea what state he was in, let alone which city. i wish we could've stayed longer but we had planned to do stuff today and had to go home. not to mention we were way tired anyway and i didn't feel good. but man i wish i had been the drunk girl making out with jon. =D

take a look, it's in a book on reading rainbow...Collapse )

EDIT: I watched the 3EB and STG shows on the 101 and towards the end of "You Are The One" you can see me holding up my sunglasses. hahahaha. You can also hear me scream after Chad says "So how awesome is it that Third Eye Blind is still kicking ass?"

my review of the jtl/kdev show
geno cup
got to mohawk, sat in line, doors opened 30 minutes early. apparently mr. lacey was not expecting this because upon entering the venue, he was laying on the stage talking on his celly. =D

i was one person back from the front, as visible in a previous photo. brian bonz was up first and he told us great stories about 69ing his bed while his mother watched as she cooked breakfast. hahahaha. i got just a short clip of "judy and the alpha queen" on my cell because i didn't want to run my batteries down before the main event.

kevin's set was AMAZING, as usual. billy bob thorton was playing a block away at stubb's but kevin didn't know. he took note of the rockin' sounds coming from behind him and commented on it, and when we all replied it was billy bob, he said "well what the fuck are you doing HERE?!" hahaha. i also shot a video of the next-to-last song of kevin's, accompanied by jesse, for "tomorrow's just too late", featuring like 3 minutes of chatter.

after about 20 minutes waiting for jesse's set, i realized, like an idiot, that he and kevin were in the back selling shit and signing it. so i left my primo spot for the chance to meet my idol. unfortunately, i was too late. i got to the back and stood in line, but by the time i got to the table, jesse decided to go play his set. i did, however, get the chance to meet kevin. he was super sweet and asked my name and signed my shirt with an XO. at this point, jesse had started to play and i went to the upper level where my mom was hanging out because i knew there would be absolutely no use in trying to get back to where i was, it wasn't going to happen. i proceeded to show her my shirt and explain the situation. a few songs in to the set, i decided i would venture back down to the table to wait him out. when i got down there, i met brian and asked him to sign my shirt, which he did and included a beautiful self-portrait. i then bought his EP, which he also signed and drew on. after jesse was done, he came by the table and said "pardon me" as his ass made contact with my brand new belt buckle. i, along with lots of other kids, waited around for quite some time for jesse to come back from the abyss into which he had disappeared. once when kevin asked if he could help someone, this guy asked if jesse was coming back. kevin replied that he didn't know, and it was impossible to say for sure. after more waiting, and more inquiries on the subject, he was telling people he would be back down soon. finally, he emerged and signed one shirt at the table and headed to the stage. he got stopped by a couple of people and politely told them that he was just going to pack up and he'd be back. well after MORE waiting, and like a half-hour of telling what seemed to be his entire life story from birth until now, kids started to just go up to the stage and wait him out. after all, he had promised us he would be back. after the line at the table diminished, i decided to ask kevin for a picture. when he saw me, he said "hey stephanie, what can i do for you?" (i was very impressed he remembered my name) so i asked if i could take a picture, to which he replied "of course, i would love to take a picture with you." my mom took the picture, and he hugged me and said thank you and then shook my mom's hand and thanked her as well. at this point the employees had put the tables back up so my mom and i sat down to see if jesse would ever come back. soon after, i saw him acknowledging the kids by the stage, so i went up there. my mom was pressuring me to ask for a picture, but i knew it was a lost cause because he won't take them. so my mom, sneaky as she is, told me to give her my camera and she would take the picture when he was signing my shirt. well the kids got their autographs, and as i got to him, he started to turn around and talk to the guy again. but i gave him a look which pretty much made him say "well shit, this girl may cry if i don't do this" so he waved at me and said "hey, how are you?" and i asked if he could sign my shirt and he said of course he would so he took the shirt and put his foot up on the amp so he could have something to write on, signed it with an X, handed it back, and said thank you. =D i'm pretty sure if you look at the picture my mom took, you can see the guy he was talking to looking at me in amazement that i'm looking at jesse like i'm looking in the face of god himself. which i was. my mom showed me the picture as we were walking out and i clutched my shirt and said "i can die happy now" and on the way back to the car, i called my best friend and told her what had just happened. she asked if i raped him and i said i couldn't, there were too many people around. =D

ok so...
jesse my future babys daddy
it's going to be hard to EVER top those last couple of posts.

this has seriously been the best week of my life!

at 1:00 this morning i decided that i could finally die happy because that is the exact time the photo in the last post was taken. =D

i waste all my time just thinking of youCollapse )

p.s. did i mention jesse rubbed up against me with his ass? =D

holy shit
jesse jesus
guess what?!?!?!?!?!



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